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We offer happiness, security, and comfort in your children's entertainment!

Variety of certified toys with guaranteed quality and productivity!
As a leading company in the market of children’s toys, we provide you with maximum accuracy and flexibility in prices.

We sell toys for your gardens or homes including transporting and assembling them. The performance of our company has increased day by day, transforming us into a competitive business in the national market.


Over 15 years of experience, over 15 years filled with success. 

Design, distribution and mounting of products. Quality licensed items.

We bring the best product to continuously grow in a competitive market. We invest in the surrounding community with full responsibility, increasing trust and cooperation with our customers and partners, too.

Trading and mounting various Children’s Toys in Kindergartens, Bars, Schools, Homes, Various indoor and outdoor entertainment facilities. We are focused on functional projects: residential residences, tourist residences, public and private facilities, etc.

Always an increasing performance, customer satisfaction, European standard.


Adapting our products to different environments is a fundamental element for our company!

We present you with our main categories:


The quality of our products is accompanied by equally excellent service. Our service team guarantees the transport and the assembly of each product.

Our staff analyzes your order in advance by drafting a personalized plan for transport assembly.
We guarantee safe and immediate transport to your premises.
Our team adapts the products to your environment by highlighting their full functionality.